January 21, 2007

Best sports blog ever

OK, maybe it is the second best sports blog ever, after the Maroon Sports Blog, but you should go check out Kissing Suzy Kolber (warning: it is a little racy). It is like ESPN's the Sports Guy (who is, in my opinion, the best writer in journalism) on crack.For a taste of the best they have to offer, check out these posts:1) "F--k It. I'm Throwing It Downfield.": Which just rips Rex Grossman in the funniest way ever.2) "If I See Tony Romo, I'm Gonna Give Him A Big Hug": Warning, this one is extremely racy, but worth every word.3) "I Wish Everyone Had Listened When I Said My Favorite Sport Was Squash": This is a lovely satire of Eli Manning's woes.(Hat-tip: Dr. Tim Murphy)