October 11, 2007

Ann Coulter falls in forest, emits muffled scream

It's almost too easy to poke fun at Ann Coulter. She has an enormously protruding Adam's Apple, the hands of a tree sloth, and apparently, no soul. Books have been written slamming her for plagiarism, factual inaccuracy, and gross insincerity. Some have dismissed her as the conservative Michael Moore, while others maintain she's like a more masculine Maureen Dowd.For the most part, she's irrelevant, but every once in a while she pops up with something so ridiculous I have no choice but to comment on it. She's in the news today for stating on CNBC that all Jews in America should convert to Christianity:

COULTER: Well, OK, take the Republican National Convention. People were happy. They're Christian. They're tolerant. They defend America, they — DEUTSCH: Christian — so we should be Christian? It would be better if we were all Christian? COULTER: Yes. DEUTSCH: We should all be Christian? COULTER: Yes. Would you like to come to church with me, Donny?
Persuasive, no?