October 18, 2007

What's so funny, Ed Koch?

In the wake of of Steve Forbes's half-hearted endorsement of Rudy Giuliani today, I got to thinking of what other seemingly irrelevant would-be politicians we'd be hearing from next. That led to a youtube search. Which led to this.Lamar Alexander: a light to guide you when all other lights go out. ...of course, if that's not your thing, if you're looking for someone with a little bit more street cred and a little bit less hair, well...there's only one man for you:Jump Shot! UPDATE: If you're like me, you probably watched the first video and wondered "why are there quotation marks around Steve Forbes's first name?" You probably went and wikipediad Steve Forbes immediately afterwards to get to the bottom of it, like I did, in which case I don't even need to explain that his real name is Malcolm Stevenson Forbes. Because you knew that already.However, that doesn't really answer the question of why there are quotation marks. Was that an attempt to paint Forbes as insincere, living a lie not unlike the man in the oval office at the time? Was it an attempt to downplay whatever folksyness Forbes may have had, by cruelly insinuating that his name might be a little bit more white collar than advertised? Was it just an overzealous intern having fun with the brand new fancy-nancy Microsoft word program he just bought? Sadly, these answers have likely been lost to eternity.