October 2, 2007

Quick hits

It's a busy day, so I'm going to keep this quick.1) TNR, which I usually adore, has a despicable column up right now that is headlined, "The Israel Lobby is Anti-Semetic Intimidation." Don't bother reading it though, because Tom's cartoon in today's Maroon adequately sums up what it says. Tom, of course, is mocking the Maroon's old (some say oldest) friend, and all around great guy Alan Dershowitz. If you are looking for an intelligent critique of the Israel Lobby book, read this.2) I've got a new column up at the Maroon on the resistance the U of C has gotten in response to its proposal to build two hospitals near campus. I blogged about this, somewhat incoherently, earlier this year. Those ruminations can be found here.3) Slate has a great summary of what to expect in the upcoming Supreme Court term, by super lawyer and SCOTUSBloger Thomas Goldstein.4) Matthew Yglesias has some good analysis on Obama's big speech today. Hopefully this will help him in his polling numbers. He certainly doesn't need any help with fund raising though.