October 23, 2007

Is this the future of Hyde Park activism?

As a follow up to Alec earlier posts about Hyde Park activism, I figured I would weigh in with my thoughts. But as is usually the case, a delusional and possibly homicidal worker from Bogota, Colombia has offered a much more compelling argument than I could ever have made. So I'm just going to write about him instead. From the Associated Press:

In Colombia, an unemployed man has sewn shut his mouth and locked himself behind an iron mask to demand the government attend to his family's desperate economic plight.... "I'm doing this to get attention because people have a heart of iron and also a face of iron -- they don't listen to anybody and think this is a joke," said Aldana, speaking out of the corner of his mouth that is not sewn shut. Aldana currently is living in a neighbor's house, where he sits in bed with his hands and legs shackled in chains.
Don't get any ideas, Hyde Park Herald!If Hyde Park activists wanted to really get their point across, they would stop arguing over the architectural merits of an abandoned building, and start engaging in over-the-top, self-sacrificial, protests. Maybe they could reenact the Boston Tea Party at the Point, or vow to only eat produce from the co-op (arguably worse than a hunger strike) until the University capitualates.