November 10, 2007

99 Problems

Just returned from aforementioned women's soccer game. The good news is that the Maroons won 1–0 in overtime, and the bleachers were packed, as I had hoped they would be. The downside is that U of C students are really bad at heckling, to the point where it's just awkward for everyone involved. Like the one kid who thought it was hilarious to keep on making football references. For example: "Illegal block in the back, ref!"Seriously? A few tips: It's okay to visibly protest every single call and shout at particularly opportune moments. But you have to pick your spots, and yes, if you haven't watched a soccer game in a long time, just lay low for a while. No one will think less of you if you just clap your hands periodically.On to more matters. Via Deadspin come this absolutely mind-blowing compilation of rap songs expressed through graphs. For example:This almost makes me wish I had stuck with math after the Core. You can view them all here.