November 13, 2007

Watch out for the guy with the hoodie/bomb!!!!

I don't believe that Tommy Tancredo exists.I kow there's evidence to the contrary--lots of people claim to have seen him, met him, even shook his hand. A few babies no doubt have burn marks on their forehead where their parents claim Tancredo kissed them. I've seen photos and videos and campaign websites, but those can all be fabricated (like the new Beowulf movie).No, despite all of that I am convinced that Tommy Tancredo is not real. Here's my proof:That whole ad is the television equivelant of a "Ran Poul" spambot. As in, it makes no sense at all. Like the spambots, he baits you in with some sort of hook--in this case it's referring to Mexicans as "aliens" (I guess he wants to do away with the illegal status?). From there he forays into something so far removed from the planet earth--Spambots talk about an American Revolution while Tancredo talks about...explosions and terrorists and I'm not entirely sure. Meanwhile the reader/viewer has likely fallen out of his/hair chair with a cut to the lower lip and bewildered expression.