November 14, 2007

Snuffalufagus, nooo!

Apparently the major studios have found a way to convenientally circumnavigate the fact that all of their writers are on strike: Make movies about cavemen who can only communicate through a series of animated grunts.Enter Warner Bros., with 10,000 B.C. The trailer bills as itself as an exploration of: "Life. Death. Love. Hate. Good. Evil. Hope. Betrayal. [Ed: since when has hope been the opposite of betrayal?] Triumph. Loss. Power. Fear. Rage," Which essentially means that they have no idea and hope you will be distracted by the hordes of GIANT WOOLY MAMMOTHS stomping all over our poor little egalitarian hunter-gatherer ancestors. Never before has CGI been put to such good use.This type of movie can only end with the hero discovering agriculture, domesticizing livestock, and riding off into the sunset on his new wheel.