November 15, 2007


I'm honestly dumbfounded by the latest effort of the Hyde Park Herald.The Co-Op looks like it is going to vote to close shop. At least, that is what the board is going to recommend. Kudos to the Herald for getting that scoop.But, with that said, their staff editorial was just absurd.In it, they call on shareholders of the Co-Op and members of the community to reject any deal that would close the Co-Op unless we know exactly what company is going to replace it. Essentially, they seem willing to be without a grocery store for months if that is what it takes to get a store that would be an adequate fit. Of course, they aren't all that clear on what a good fit would be. I mean, if the Co-Op was a good fit, then I'm pretty sure any store would work, but I have a feeling that isn't what they are getting at.Also, Hyde Park Progress does a great job of mocking their editorial here.