November 25, 2007

..and we're back!

After a healthy dose of the three Thanksiving F's (food, family, football), this blog is back up and running. I would like to apologize to our dozen(s?) of loyal readers, and the hundreds of anonymous google searchers looking for updates on "Jacoby Ellsbury native american" or "yankees suck kid." Three days without a post is unacceptable, and I promise it won't happen again until maybe finals week.That said, I have nothing much to write about. So here's Jesse Jackson reading Green Eggs and Ham:I guess this raises an important question of which presidential candidate would be the most entertaining narrator for a children's book. Barack Obama would probably be the first to sign up, since it fits with his whole "breaking from the mold" schtick (plus he already has a grammy), but my vote goes for Fred Thompson. It could either end with him falling asleep in his chair mid-way through the story, or the assembled children huddling together out of fear as Fred switches into his "I'm the commander, daggum!" characters from Die Hard With a Vengeance and Hunt for Red October. And that's a win-win in my book.