November 3, 2007

Ron Paul declares war on Zion

Via wonkette comes this enlightening tidbit about the true identities of Ron Paul's online supporters. Apparently, the denizens of "Paultards" who send out their ridulous e-mails asking you to support their candidate are none other than..."illegitimate spam operation and bot-nets."I'm glad someone has gotten to the bottom of this. Clearly, only a rogue bot-net could be responsible for this e-mail, sent to the Maroon in response to Zack Hill's excellent October 26th column:

...when I went to school we was asked to say the plague of allegiance every morning. I never said the words to the democracy for witch I stand...
I'm surprised they didn't ask for a bank account number to give us $50,000,000.00 from the Guinea-Bissau government.