November 6, 2007

Get back in the kitchen!

About a month ago, Americans were greeted with a new member of the blogosphere: Mitt Romney's wife, Ann. It was only a matter of time, I guess, considering that her five sons were already up and blogging over at the Five Brothers Blog. Nonetheless, I thought it was a significant step in the evolution of Huswifery, and as such I added it to my bookmarks.Unfortunately, after a full month, Ann has only posted one recipe in her "Ann's Recipes" section-- some sort of formula for "Welsh Skillet Cakes." Come on, Ann. Fastball had more hits than that. She purports to be a leader, but if I had looked to her for guidance I would have starved to death by now.Yesterday she did post a few soup recipes (from supporters) at the Five Brother's blog, but that doesn't really count--and it raises the question of whether or not soup recipes are covered under the McCain–Feingold act. More importantly, why is she posting on her sons' blog? No one likes a Nosy Nancy.So put down that keyboard and pick up the spatula, Ann; America is hungry.