December 13, 2007

Total pwnage

This video seems to sum up the Democratic primary for me:You gotta love how Hillary is laughing with glee after the question is asked (and even interrupts him) and how Obama comes back with a brilliant and witty response. But, on a more serious note, what is up with that question?First of all, the question asks why Obama has three former Clinton advisors, which seems to target the extent to which he is a break from the Clinton years. But let's be honest, you'd be hard pressed to have a complete staff of advisors that weren't involved in the Clinton administration. Second, the advisors she lists are pretty low level positions, we aren't talking about Attorney General or Secretary of Defense here. In fact, we aren't talking about Secretary of anything. National Security Advisor is a prominent position, but not a powerful one. After that, she's listing stuff like State Department policy advisor and Navy Secretary, I mean, give me a break, these are not people that would be considered part of the "Clinton circle," by any stretch of the imagination.Apparently the questions were even worse for some of the other candidates, so I probably shouldn't complain so much about just this one, but still.