December 15, 2007

Proposal A defeats Proposal B, Truman

Big news this evening from Chicago: According to Co-Op board member James Withrow's blog, Hyde Park Urbanist, the University's buyout plan was victorious with roughly 60% of the vote. No numbers have been officially released yet (and this vote was technically non-binding as well), but the numbers come as a bit of shock.We had been bracing for weeks now for a Plan B victory from the "Save the Co-Op" crowd, but in the end, the neighborhood's silent majority greatly outnumbered the vocal activists. If all goes as planned, either Treasure Island or a Dominick's will replace the depression-era institution in a matter of months.More, of course, as the story evolves. UPDATE: I just checked the co-op website and it's offical: 3200–2049. No word from the UN monitors (this is Chicago, after all), but the co-op is already conceding defeat. The announcement is actually kinda sad, so I won't pile on.