December 20, 2007

World unable to repeat performance of 2006

One year ago today, TIME shocked dozens and bolstered resumes everywhere by naming "you"the magazine's person of the year for 2006. It was a landmark decision, the type of honor that makes you walk with a little extra bounce in your step. Who "you" were exactly seemed unclear, but then, it didn't matter either. There was a fancy-nancy mirror on the cover and if you squinted hard enough (...and held the magazine away from the light in rooms lit by energy-efficient lightbulbs and bereft of natural light), you could see yourself on the cover of TIME. It was awesome.That's all over now, though. Yesterday morning, the world woke up to a new person of the year, and this one doesn't have a blog. In fact, he'd probably have you killed for reading this blog. Congratulations, Vladimir Putin! But would it hurt to crack a smile?