December 21, 2007

Donny Deutsch: Get out more

This last quarter I was in a class called “Religion in American Politics”—it was not my favorite. During the first class, our professor—who more accurately would be described as “supervisor” than “professor”—made us go around the room and say why we took the class. This is always dangerous: People try, and almost always fail, to be funny, and then I hate them. This class was worse than usual; literally about every other person in the class said something along the lines of “I took this class because I’m afraid of the rising influence of the religious right on American politics.” (Many of them also included some dumb joke, which may have involved Jerry Falwell; this had the potential to be funny, but never was.) Anyway, the reason I mention this is because, among upper-class liberals, fear of Evangelical Christians is rivaled only by fear of global warming and [insert joke about “upper-class” problems or something like that]. More specifically, for some liberals, watching Mike Huckabee’s latest ad is like watching Eli Roth’s latest horror movie. Take a look: LOOK! There’s a cross behind him! He’s trying to send a secret message to Christian conservatives. Donny Deutsch probably thinks so: A few things: - Deutsch says he’s “frightened.” All I can say: Is something wrong with him? Frightened? - Listen to Chris Matthews’ laugh. That’s even worse than Hillary’s cackle. Someone needs to tell him that you don’t laugh like you’re reading the word “HA” off of a script. - Matthews says that the cross was “superimposed” on the ad. What? Does that look like it’s superimposed? No. Look closely: The so-called “cross” is actually a bookshelf. That’s what Huckabee’s said, and call me naïve, but I believe him. Now, I’m not a huge fan of a politician talking a ton about religion—like Huckabee has—in fact I’m not a fan of Huckabee himself. But the “fear” of religion by some liberals is only hurting their own cause.