December 31, 2008

Latte liberalism

During my two-minute stop at at Dunkin Donuts today, I saw 30-second spots for both Hillary Clinton and John McCain. It was special. For the most part, the Granite State is a place where politics is best practiced in small towns and old-fashioned gatherings, but the only way to really reach southern New Hampshire is still by buying ad time in the nation's fifth-largest media market.Speaking of the primary ( it's next Tuesday!!!!11!1), this blog will be making a road trip to New Hampshire later on in the week. We'll probably call it "the first-ever campaign 2008 incredible journey spectacular voyage bogus adventure" or something equally preposterous, but the basic plan is just to see as many candidates, Republican and Democrat, as we can, talk to supporters, interview any famous people we may come across, and live off of peanut M&Ms and Red Bull. I'm crossing my fingers that the weather will be nice and that it won't turn out anything like this.