February 19, 2007

Georgia sucks

Georgia is really on fire lately in its attempt to show the country how much of a backwater it is. This week a member of Georgia's legislature tried to chalk the theory of evolution as a Jewish conspiracy.But that isn't even the worst of it. Nearly two years ago a 17 year old honors student and football standout Genarlow Wilson had consensual oral sex with a 15 year old. He was then sentenced to 10 years in jail. According to Georgia law, it would have been a misdemeanor for Wilson to have had sex, but not oral sex, which in Georgia is the gravest of all evils. So Wilson got a mandatory sentence of 10 years (up until 1998 oral sex between anyone, even a married couple, was punishable by up to 20 years--although I'm sure if this was ever executed it would have been found unconstitutional). There are three parties culpable in this situation. First, Georgia's legislature which is too busy attributing every evil to Jewish conspiracies. Since Wilson was sentenced Georgia has changed the law that sent Wilson to jail, but it didn't do so retroactively, essentially leaving Wilson out of luck. Lately there has been talk of the legislature voting on a bill that would essentially let Wilson out, but that bill has been stalled.Second, why on earth did the juror's in this case not just nullify the law. Who in their right mind could find this guy guilty when they know full well the impact of their decision? But jury's tend to be composed of pretty stupid people, so I can see what went wrong there.The third party that is responsible for this, is the prosecutor. It is questionable whether Eddie Barker (the prosecutor) has ever taken a law class. Not that I have, but I know enough to know that such a thing exists. In interviews Barker has justified his decision entirely by saying that he was merely enforcing the state's law:

Prosecutor Eddie Barker, a father of three, admits that he worries about his own children getting trapped by the law, but echoes a similar sentiment to McDade. “I don’t doubt for a second that Genarlow had any idea that what he was doing that night would get him 10 years in prison, but ignorance is not an excuse for breaking the law. When he says he’s not a child molester, what he is saying is that he is not a traditional child molester, but the way the law is written he is a child molester. We can’t change the law; that’s up to the folks [legislators] in Atlanta.”
What a fucktard. Seriously, this guy must have missed orientation. Just as a governors can pardon people found guilty of retarded laws or unjustly, prosecutors (who are part of the executive branch) can pick and choose the cases they take to court. Maybe someone should inform Barker of the concept of discretion.Blargh, how do people like this make it into higher office.