March 14, 2007

HP Herald and Obama

Sometimes the Hyde Park Herald is a decent local newspaper. It has had really strong coverage of the Olympics and does a great job covering changes in local businesses, but when it comes to Barack Obama, the paper is hilariously lovestruck.Case in point, is this week's issue (not a stable link), which has a half-page picture of a barbershop and the headline, "Obama's barber to leave 53rd Street." Now this headline would only be informative if I were stalking Obama and needed to keep up with the changes in the businesses he patronizes. But, for everyone in Hyde Park not stalking Obama, it might just be the most useless headline ever.Also, if you doubt that the HP Herald is stupidly enamored with Obama and all that he does, check out their special issue dedicated to all things Obama. My favorite part was the section titled, "Who is Barack Obama?" and it features short anecdotes from neighborhood people about their interaction with Obama. You get great information like, what Obama orders when he goes to Calypso and whether he is nice to the waitresses. It is actually extremely hilarious at times, like the guy who marched next to Obama in some parade telling us how Obama is a great marching partner. (It starts here, right column.)