April 29, 2007


Today marks exactly one year since Andrew, Alec, and I set out on this little blogging adventure (with a post about Foie Gras). Overall, I am extremely happy with the result. I have a great time writing in this space and love the flexibility and casual structure that it provides.By way of statistics, over the past year we have averaged 159 unique visitors per day and have accumulated 28,965 such unique visits overall (a "unique visit" being the first visit of any person each day). We have some regular readers but the majority still come via Google searches. The majority of our readers of are from the U.S. but we have a good number of international readers.Our heaviest traffic occurred during the 2006 U.S. midterm elections and periodically when our posts were linked to by high-traffic blogs--including U.S. News & World Report, Greg Menkiw, Michael Meckler, Pejman Yousefzadeh, and Crescat Sententia--and by the Washington Post's automated feature listing blog posts that discuss its articles.Also, people are still incredibly obsessed with Borat and whether or not he is real.UPDATE: Sweet. I just realized that by discussing Borat, I just added another post to our archives with "Borat" in it. I suppose we can now expect even more readers who Googled, "Is Borat real?" Funny how that works