April 6, 2007

Correction: April 6, 2007

The April 3 news article “College Increases Tuition 5.4 Percent” contained a mistake in the headline. While the overall expected cost of attending the College next year rose 5.4 percent, the cost of tuition rose 5.5 percent.

The April 3 viewpoints article “Reporters Must Ask the Tough Questions” mistakenly omitted the name and columnist title of the author. Her name is Tara Kadioglu and her columnist title is “Non-Emerita Opinion.”

The April 3 sports boxscores of softball’s doubleheader with IWU incorrectly showed the Maroons losing to the Titans in both games on March 31. The squad won 5–1 and 2–0.

The April 3 sports graphic “Chicago’s Murderers’ Row” misspelled the names of home run record holders Michelle Darbro and Cassie Wierenga.

The MAROON regrets and apologizes for these errors.