May 1, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Setting the record straight

In a front-page article in a recent issue of the Maroon, I was reported to have said that “specifics have yet to be worked out [with regard to our use of the Common Application in 2008], including whether the new application process will incorporate a supplement aimed at preserving the quirkiness of the Uncommon Application” (“Prospective Students Judge Evolving Admissions Process,” 4/20/07).

It is indeed true that specifics have yet to be worked out, and I did say that we have not yet decided whether we will offer applicants the choice of using Chicago’s own application or the Common Application, or will insist that all applicants use the Common Application. However, I assured your reporter, and I assure you now, that the Common Application users will also be asked to respond to an Uncommon supplement, which will include our own distinctive questions, the kind of questions we have been asking for the past 25 years.

Ted O’Neill

Dean of Admissions

The College

Send back the Statue of Liberty

Regarding, “Hate France? Royal’s Your (Wo)man,” (4/24/07) don’t forget to ship back that giant statue in New York Harbor.

Surely you can’t tolerate the symbol of your nation being a gift from France, along with the very existence of your country.

Please keep Chicago, though—we sold it fair and square.

Philippe Dambournet