May 15, 2007

Everything’s bigger at Texas Club BBQ

Glorious sunshine, loud country music, and pounds of brisket and sausage made for a welcoming scene at Bartlett Quad this past Sunday, as the Texas Club held their 25th annual Big-Ass Texas Barbecue. The showcase of culinary prowess and Texas pride was welcomed by an ever-anemic student body.

At noon, students who sat down for a quick bite before heading into the Regenstein Library were lulled into hours of sun-soaked lethargy by the steady warble and twang of country music and endless supply of meat and drink.

The scene was styled after the Lone Star State, with the brisket and sausage adequately messy and served by the pile. Club members manned the grills in cowboy hats with a Texas flag displayed behind them.

Inquiring whether this was the Republican Club, one student was quickly corrected: “No. It’s the Texas Club.” Put at ease, the student proceeded to down four sausages. According to its website, the Texas Club has one simple mission: “To think about Texas and do things kind of related to Texas and have fun while thinking and doing these things.”

“Things” may be an overstatement, considering the Big-Ass Texas Barbecue is the Texas Club’s only event, but the club succeeded in its goal of bringing free barbecue to the student body. Students enjoying Sunday’s feast said that it was a delight, even for those students who aren’t die-hard lovers of meat-eating, Texas, and country music.