May 30, 2007

My first entry: Thompson in '08?

Despite being Viewpoints Editor for this last quarter, I am just now getting into the blogging game.This somewhat late start can be chalked up to a combination of Alec's technical incompetence (just kidding) and my forgetfulness.Anyway, let me start off my blogging career by talking about the '08 presidential election: It seems like Fred Thompson is officially unofficially running for President. What does this mean for conservatives? Not much. Thompson seems like just more of the same; like John McCain he support campaign finance reform, and like everyone else--apart from Giuliani--he opposes abortion rights. And like everyone else--apart from Ron Paul--he doesn't seem to care much about small-government, conservative principles. In particular, Thompson wrote a Townhall column complaining about the "chip[ping] away at the traditional powers of the president." Really? The President is losing power?Thompson concludes by asking rhetorically, "Regardless of who wins the White House, don’t we need a strong president?" No, we don't, and any true conservative understands why.