January 1, 2008

Wonk and circumstance

In his earlier post, Matt incorrectly associates Mike Huckabee's absolutely insane press conference with Ronald Reagan's one-liner about age. This is the problem with conservatives: Everything has to be related in some way to Reagan. I'm told Mongolians are the same way with Ghengis Khan. A more appropriate connection is OJ Simpson's aborted "novel," If I Did It, Here's How, where the former Hertz pitchman and Heisman trophy winner recounted, step by step, how he would have gone about killing Ron and Nicole. You know, if he did it.The press conference itself was surreal. You can watch it all at the Washington Post, complete with two or three minutes of the Guv'nor standing around awkwardly as the projector failed to project, which is sort of its primary responsibility. If Huckabee can't even figure out basic audio equipment, how can we expect him to handle the nuclear access codes? He'll probably screw up and flatten Latvia!More than any other serious candidate, Huckabee seems to be accumulating a dangerous arsenal of humiliating video clips. He has nothing yet along the lines of George Allen's Macacca moment, but the "apology" to Pakistan after the Bhutto assassination could easily slip its way into an attack ad, and the "If I went negative, here's how" announcement could have an extended shelf life as well. Not to mention the fact that he wrote a book in which he blames necrophilia for all of society's problems, sort of.