January 16, 2008

Run for your lives!

Apparently that crazy guy who brings a metal detector to the supermarket and asks you for alms has now finally figured out html. You know, the one who prompted your mom to tell you not to stare, as you gawked in disbelief at the bearded man with the bicycle helmet and no pants standing in the produce aisle. That guy.The website, "Vietnam Veterans Against McCain," asks the provocative questions the mainstream media (and all other streams) haven't had the courage to ask, like:Was John McCain Brainwashed by his North Vietnamese Captors to Destroy this Nation?AHHHH! EVERYONE, UNDER YOUR DESKS, NOW!...andMcCain lost five U.S. Navy aircraftOk, that's cheating since it's not actually a question, but it makes you wonder: How could John McCain fly five airplanes at once, and would that make him more or less qualified to be President?...and"What, if you become President, would you do if your son Jimmy was reported missing in action and you were informed that a U.S. spy satellite passing over Iraq had photographed a military distress code message in the desert that correlated to Jimmy?" ANSWER THE QUESTION, SENATOR!!!!