January 2, 2008

The firing squad

Lost in all the hullabaloo over Mike Huckabee's ridiculous "Good cop, bad cop" press conference yesterday was the actual attack that he presented. Specifically, the part where he attacks for Mitt Romney for "no executions."In the history of stupid political attacks, this easily cracks the top 10. Setting aside the fact that Huckabee is making some sort of boy scout merit badge out of his exhorbitant number of executions (which is a really inaccurate barometer of political effectiveness, unless you're governing the Aztecs or something), there's a really simple explanation for why Mitt Romney did not execute anyone in Massachusetts: The death penalty is illegal in Massachusetts. Like, you just can't do it. Romney even tried to push across a law to legalize the death penalty, with no success, because it's Massachusetts, after all. It was a transparent effort to appeal to national conservatives, but an effort nonetheless.