January 21, 2008

An extra-special LBJ Day

We honor our veterans with barbecues, we honor our independence with barbecues, and we celebrate our hard labor with...barbecues, but there's not much you really can do on MLK day. So today, on the one day set aside each year to honor the great Dr. King's legacy of helping Lyndon Johnson accomplish real change, I watched a clip of his "mountaintop" speech on American Rhetoric and called it a day. It's an absolutely phenomenal speech, even if you only watch a minute-long clip, which is all could find. At the end, after delivering the transcendent "Mine Eyyyyyyes have seen the glory...of the COming of the LOOORD!" he's so exhausted he has to be helped to his seat. If I could deliver a speech like that, I would definitely run for, like, Student laison to the Board of Trustees or something.But South Carolina, as South Carolina is wont to do, does things a little differently. On MLK Day, the state which produced John C. Calhoun, Shoeless Joe, and secession holds giant parades. Which seems like a good idea. But then Mitt Romney showed up, which turned out to be the opposite of a good idea. Actually, it was a really bad idea.

FOX News has the full video of what transpired, in all its bone-chilling awkwardness. Note the Baja Men reference about 30 seconds in, and of course, the ending, where he compliments a young boy on his "bling bling." This whole thing felt like a bad scene out of Malibu's Most Wanted.UPDATE: Apparently, this event took place in Florida. No matter. The criticisms of the Palmetto State still stand.