January 27, 2008

Hit and run1

We at the The Editors Blog like to give credit where credit is due. So rather than criticize Hillary Clinton for getting whalloped in South Carolina and then letting her husband offer up the equivelant of "they all look the same, anyway," I'd like to commend her for the manner in which she conceded yesterday.Two weeks ago, I wrote this:

Through it all, the whole concept seems cruel and ritualistic: Not only do we force our second choices to actually abide by the election results, but we make them give a speech about it to boot. There is no easy solution to the concession crisis, but for entertainment’s sake, something must be done to break the trend. Anyone familiar with professional football understands that the sight of a sunglass-wearing star wide receiver blaming the media after a playoff loss is far more satisfying than having to sit through 20 minutes of an unsuccessful stump speech. Or perhaps the losing candidate should be forced to leave the state in shame, Real World–style, as dozens of cameras capture his final moments at headquarters.
So what does Senator Clinton do? Not only does she pretend the primary never happened, but she bolted the state in anger, Real World-style. The polls had only just closed when Hillary boarded a plane for Tennessee. And when she got there, she started talking about Florida, and American Samoa, and everywhere else on God's little green acre except for South Carolina.So a tip of the hat to you, Mrs. Clinton. It's nice to see someone reads my columns.