January 8, 2008

Polls tell Hillary to cry. She does.

Today at a campaign event Hillary Clinton cried, or at least she teared up:This is, of course, a big deal for the usually cool, unemotional to finally show her human side. Title of this post aside, I really think Hillary has been treated--or, at least, is viewed--unfairly on the issue of her emotions.It's the same thing that happened to Michael Dukakis when he ran for President in 1988; it wasn't fair then either. Perhaps Clinton is just cool under pressure. Or maybe she's a bit insecure talking to people she doesn't know, so she keeps her emotions inside. There are any number of reasons why Hillary might choose not to be ostentatiously emotional in public.The more important question is: Is this relevant to her fitness to be President? The answer is, of course not.There are a lot of good reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton--her emotional make-up isn't one of them.