January 9, 2008

How to talk to your kids about New Hampshire

I don't know up from down, left from right, or Fanta from Orangina right now. Like many Americans, this whole primary thing has me really confused--like how an inevitable double digit Obama win yesterday turned into a 3-point loss tonight. So I'm not going to try and figure it out. Hopefully Ezra Klein or someone will come up with a decent explanation tomorrow and my life will return to normal.In the meantime, Free Darko, possibly the second-greatest blog in the vast, ever-expanding, spontaneously generated blogging universe, has chimed in on the election by matching NBA players with who they'd vote for. A sampling:

Joakim Noah: Dennis Kucinich Noah is torn between his love of the limelight, his man-of-the-people internationalism, and his secret longing to attend Antioch. Luckily, his need to keep fourteen wives in his stable lights the way; Kucnich is a staunch monogamist, but he's down with being open and letting people live their lives. Even if Noah didn't practice polygamy, he'd be drawn to Kunuich's unreconstructed, timeless campus liberalism, and his affinity for people losing their jobs overseas. Also, Michelle is handsome and all, but Kucinich's wife is actually, unqualifiably, hot. Just the way that Obama's ethnic and crusading and all, but Kucinich really wants to shake things up. Mixtape: "Principled Lady: Great Moments in Caribbean Boogie"
That just about says it all, right?Not that anyone is actually in suspense, but the final two installments of my New Hampshire tour diary are on tap for tomorrow--I catch up with Dennis Kucinich at a pub, and witness Mitt Romney break a young girl's heart.