October 10, 2008

More Hyde Park Fun: Ayers Force One

UNLV professor David S. Tanenhaus has a piece in Slate today about his friendship with UNREPENTANT TERRORISTS Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the unrepentant terrorists who once plotted to blow up the Pentagon and to this day remain unrepentant. Anyway, it's pretty blah, unless you care about keeping kids out of prison for their entire lives (which apparently is another thing Bill Ayers is unrepentantly in support of, along with terrorism). Here's a choice nugget:To meet Ayers and Dohrn, as I did in 1995, was to encounter a middle-aged couple in their early 50s who seemed at ease in the vibrant academic community of Hyde Park. Bernardine arranged for us to have breakfast to discuss my dissertation research. When I arrived at the restaurant the next morning, she had just completed a letter to her son, who was away at college.Read the full story here.