October 31, 2008

Nate Silver makes us proud

We probably should have blogged about this long ago, back when the site was new and wasn't attracting zillions of visitors each day, but I would like to duly note, for the record, that U of C alum Nate Silver's electoral projections site, fivethirtyeight, is the best political analysis on the web--or most anywhere, for that matter.Silver, a Baseball Prospectus editor, crunches the numbers so you don't have to, and brings a degree of clarity to the murky underworld of political polling. He also lacks a pundit's craving for hot air, making his non-expert analysis particularly insightful, and has a pretty neat ongoing series profiling the get-out-the-vote and canvassing efforts in various swing states. Please go there immediately and read everything.And, for the sake of Maroon self-promotion, here is my interview with Nate from 2007.