October 4, 2008

The summer that was: Unrepentant terrorists

Of all the stories about Hyde Park that ran in recent months, Andrew Ferguson's June piece for the Weekly Standard stood out for its heavy reliance on the Hyde Park Herald as a paper of record, and for its description of U of C students:

A friend once described Hyde Park as "Berkeley with snow," and it does indeed have the same graduate-student flavor, the same political activism and boho intellectualism, the same alarmingly high number of men wandering about looking like NPR announcers--the wispy beards and wire rims, the pressed jeans and unscuffed sneakers, the backpacks and the bikes. (This is a pretty good description of William Ayers, by the way.)
The main point of the story, incidentally, is that Hyde Parkers like William Ayers are unrepentant terrorists, and by extension, the neighborhood is rootless and bereft of a soul, which is dangerous, and so we should instead support a candidate from the harmless retirement community of Sedona, Ariz. We've had our gripes with the neighborhood over the years, but even I felt that was a little harsh.Anyway, read the full story here.