November 5, 2008

The safest block in Chicago

[img id="76903" align="alignleft"] [img id="76901" align="alignleft"] From The Editors Blog

Over the last 48 hours, the security perimeter around Barack Obama's slum-landlord-Rezko estate has at least doubled. Hyde Park Boulevard and 52nd Street are closed off from Ellis to University (at least), with police and steel barriers blocking the alleys as well. I imagine the same procedure was followed to the north, as well, meaning, in one last delicious bit of red meat for FOX News, the secret service very nearly extends to Louis Farrakhan's house at 49th and Woodlawn. Wonderful.

Anyway, that's a large chunk of Hyde Park that's now off-limits to non-residents, but I imagine it's also the safest neighborhood in the city right now. So there's that. What happens tonight will likely have a significant impact on security in Hyde Park over the next four years, and force both the University and Chicago PD to make some changes in their patrol zones...