November 7, 2008

STD (Stuff to Do)—November 7 through November 13

Friday / November 7

Multimedia artist Carolee Schneeman presents two installments from her Autobiographical Trilogy. She is known for her exploration of the human body and sexuality through visual media pieces. A reception will follow the program. (Film Studies Center, 7 p.m., free)

Find out if Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big ever get married, in Doc’s showing of Sex and the City, as the lives of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha pick up after four years away from the camera. For the record, Carrie and Big do get married (otherwise it wouldn’t be a chick flick), but rumors of a sequel to the movie should keep Sex-aholics on their toes. (Max Palevsky Cinema, 10 p.m., $5)

Saturday / November 8

The self-proclaimed creator of post-punk laptop rock, MC Lars brings his Macbook Pro and projector to Chicago. The California native is known for critiques of modern culture such as “Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock” and “Download This Song.” His newest venture in the nerd-rock genre includes the song “White Kids Aren’t Hyphy.” (3111 North Western Avenue, 10:30 p.m., $10)

The campus group promoting the demise of the death penalty is hosting the symposium “Live from Death Row” which will feature live call-ins from prisoners currently on death row as well as interviews with their families. (5655 South University Avenue, 7:30 p.m., free)

Sunday / November 9

Although cats can sleep for an astounding 20 hours per day, cat-lady Samantha Martin has seemingly reversed the course of natural evolution by training her own energetic troupe of acrobatic cats. The Acro-Cats (Chicago’s only domestically trained circus cat show!) can ride skateboards, jump rope, and even push a shopping cart. Additionally, the delightfully cute Rock Cats will be performing alongside the acrobats. (1919 North Milwaukee Avenue, 3 p.m., $10)

Monday / November 10

Contrary to its name, the Eagles of Death Metal are not a death metal band. Instead, the band, which features Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme, is surprisingly upbeat and catchy. They will be performing with English grunge-revival band The Duke Spirit. (1375 West Lake Street, 8 p.m., $20)

Tuesday / November 11

In honor of legendary puppeteer Jim Henson, the Gene Siskel Film Center is showing a series of Henson’s films and retrospectives through December 4. Of note is the showing of The Dark Crystal, a Labyrinth-esque fairy tale about a fantasy world ruled by a tyrant dragon. Unfortunately, David Bowie does not appear in this film. (164 North State Street, 6 p.m., $7)

Wednesday / November 12

When Alanis Morissette and her acoustic guitar are just not bitter enough, there is always Soloing Over Alanis Morissette, a band whose repetoire is literally solos over Alanis Morissette songs. The band will be live at AV–Aerie and will be sure to solo over such hits as “Ironic” and “You Oughta Know.” Who would’ve thought, it figures…. (2000 West Fullerton Street, 8 p.m., $10)

Thursday / November 13

Although the music that the Zukofsky Quartet plays may be over 400 years old, its four members are rather young and stylish. The University hosts the critically acclaimed quartet at the Chicago Cultural Center, where they will perform the Milton Babbitt quartets that first gave them recognition. (78 East Washington Street, 7:30 p.m., free)

U.S. ambassador to Macedonia Philip T. Reeker will be speaking over lunch about politics in South Eastern Europe, especially focusing on the conflict between Macedonia and Kosovo. It will also be interesting to hear Reeker’s opinion on Obama’s election as president and its effect on world affairs. It is requested that those interested in attending RSVP by e-mailing (Rosenwald 405, 12 noon, free)

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