February 12, 2008

Mike Gravel: the sustenance of life

We at the Editors Blog are big Mike Gravel fans. We've linked to his video "Rock" before, but I just discovered his follow-up feature, appropriately named "Fire." Personally, I would have preferred a rock-paper-scissors triumverate.Anyways, here it is:And here's a video of him explaining what the heck he was doing. Note that "Rock" apparently took two days to film. Two days! That's enough time to build three Romes. Geez. Key quote:"The branches I have under my arm are what a person acquires in the way of wisdom. And then he reaches down, and acquires a little more experience, a little more wisdom. Reaches down, picks up a little more wisdom. And then he goes out and starts a fire. What does a fire represent? A fire represents light, heat, warmth; it's the sustenance of life. So what they have is a metaphor of what I represent in their eyes."Whoa. By the way, Mike Gravel videos are a great way to kill 5–6 hours. Here's him debating a major policy initiative from some kid's dorm room. And of course, this.UPDATE: It was pointed out that "Rock" required three takes, not three days. The filming did take two days, though.