February 13, 2008

Cosbyness is next to Godliness

When the South Side's own Lupe Fiasco announced, just two bully albums into what was destined to be an outstanding career, that he was trading in his mic to try his hand at the great American novel, it seemed like a mistake on his part. It's not that Mr. Fiasco would necessarily make a bad novelist--he did, after all, successfully write a song from the perspective of a cheesburger about to be eaten--but after somehow topping 2007's "Food and Liquor," with his latest effort, his musical ceiling seemed limitless. Why step aside at the peak of his powers?But, as they teach you in Sunday School or funerals or the like, with each loss comes rebirth. Apparently, Bill Cosby is making his 35th album extra special: He is going to rap:

After years of criticizing the hip-hop industry, comedian Bill Cosby is reportedly set to release a rap album titled 'State of Emergency.'The 70-year-old television icon is said to be writing songs for the album about social issues such as teen pregnancy, drug abuse and high school dropout rates.
It looks like Nas jumped the gun when declared, "Hip-Hop is dead." The Coz is just gettin' started.