February 29, 2008

Journey through time [schedules]

Pre-registration ended an hour ago, but you should still read Zack Hill's piece on the supreme virtue of time schedules. A sample:

This spring quarter, the course offerings are the usual mix of the undeniably awesome (“The Modern American Horror Film”), the potentially intriguing (“Romantic Love: Cultural, Philosophical, and Psychological Aspects”) and the perplexing (“Other Minds”?).
As someone who has missed out on pre-registration, for one reason or another, just about every quarter since freshman year, I'll admit I didn't understand what the fuss was about at first. But today I did pre-register, and what I found was staggering:"Politics of the Hip Hop Generation""Poets and Shamans of Central Asia""Tolkien: Medieval and Modern"And more!There's no way "Politics of Hip Hop" can come close to living up to my expectations, even if it is taught by the former Executive Editor of the The Source. But just the thought of taking a class that teaches Illmatic and Reasonable Doubt like they're reincarnations of the Great Books Series is enough to get me through the last weeks of winter.(Note: Zack has obviously spent most of today clicking on his article from various different MacLab computers, because it is now listed as the most popular article on the Maroon's fancy new website.)