February 6, 2008

How did Obama fare in Hyde Park?

For the first time in, well, a long time, Barack Obama returned to his Kenwood crib yesterday to cast his vote in Hyde Park. For those who woke up at 4:30 in the morning to watch him vote, it was a disastrous waste of nine hours, since he voted in the afternoon. For everyone else it was cause for a minor swelling of neighborhood pride. So just how much of a home court advantage did Obama have in yesterday's primary?The Chicago Board of Elections doesn't release the head-to-head data by congressional district, since that's only superficially important. But they do display the district-by-district tallies for Obama and Hillary delegates. Since there's inevitably a tiny bit of fluctuation when you get to vote for eight delegates, the best measure is the alternate delegate, which pits one Obama supporter against one Hillary supporter.In the 1st district, Obama's alternate Greta Ivers sqeaked by with 91.4% of the vote. Hillary alternate Jan Rowland took 8.58%. I take it there wasn't much of a gender split.Over in the Jesse Jackson Jr.'s 2nd district, where residents of the Shoreland vote, only 83.64% chose to make history (as the congressman put it in his robocall). Weak. Sauce.