February 8, 2008

The Maroon's interview with Will Leitch

It won't hit Reynolds Club for another couple of hours, but be sure to pick up a copy of today's Maroon to read Emerald Gao's interview with Will Leitch, editor of Deadspin.Here's a sample:

EG: Going back to the inception of “Deadspin,” if you had to undergo secret herpes testing and treatment under a false name, what would yours be? WL: I would mess with everybody’s head and go by Will Leitch. Aha! No, without question, I’d use the name Skip Bayless. EG: Good choice. Lastly, do you really believe, like the NBC website wants us to believe, that the American Gladiators are 100 percent natural? WL: Oh, of course. Have you seen them? That doesn’t come from anything unnatural. One of my favorite things about entertainment-slash-sports, like [fake] wrestling, is that they really have no governing body that has to test for that stuff. I think the reason they do it is because deep down, they know that nobody cares. It’s great. I just assume that everyone on NBC is on steroids—including Steve Carrell and Brian Williams. EG: So, new Gladiators versus old Gladiators? WL: The old one is so much better, it’s not even close. EG: Yeah, they had Nitro. WL: They had Nitro! Have you ever seen that video of—it might have been Nitro—one of the guys on there, where he’s literally like a ‘roided-up Kip Winger? It’s just the best thing ever. I’ve watched the new Gladiators twice, but any time the old Gladiators is on ESPN Classic, I am physically incapable of switching the channel.
We wholeheartedly endorse this question and answer session.Also of note, "Obama won 97.21 percent of the vote in the precinct near 76th Street and South Harper Avenue."