February 9, 2008


My last post for the weekend, probably, but it is being reported now that today's Nebraska Democratic caucus received almost nine times the expected turnout in some places.There's an obvious joke about how I didn't know there were that many Democrats in Nebraska, but I'll leave that one for Chris Matthews. The Omaha World–Herald (which seems like a bit of a misnomer) has a kind of awesome live blog of what went down. Key quote:

Overrun by crowds, caucus organizers at Monroe Middle School declared a state of emergency.All attempts at traditional caucusing have been suspended.People are now being asked to simple drop a blue piece of paper with their choice in a box.And it doesn't look good for Hillary Clinton. People have to wait to drop into Barack Obama's box. The Clinton line is much shorter.
Again, this is kind of awesome. They were step away from writing something like "We are heading for the hills with a few others. There were no survivors. This is a goodbye."We would have done something like this for Super Tuesday in Hyde Park/Kenwood, except we would have frozen to the death, and definitely not produced anything noteworthy.