March 23, 2008

Fresh Parsley

Because it was linked to me on facebook, and because I haven't used the "animals that also sound like health foods" label in more than a week, I feel compelled to post an update on the Reverend Rod Parsley. You may know him as John McCain's "spiritual guide," or more likely, you may not know him at all since he's received scant coverage—despite stating that the U.S. was founded in order to eradicate Islam. (Funny, I didn't see that in the new John Adams miniseries). Or, if we're on the subject of historical revisionism, I think this one is my favorite:

"It was to defeat Islam, among other dreams, that Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World in 1492."
Anyway, it turns out that Rod, like his peer Jeremiah Wright, has also alleged an attempted genocide by the government against blacks. This time, the genocide comes in the form of state-sponsored Planned Parenthood, as opposed to HIV/AIDS.The good times ensue here.I understand that these things take time—it was a full year before we started hearing about Wright, after all—but again, I think this does lend an answer the question of whether or not we'd care as much if Jeremiah Wright (or someone similar) was John McCain's pastor. The answer seems to be "no."Ok, this is it from me about Wright-gate. Matt might still have one more since I've had the last word, but I'm all done. Whew.