March 3, 2008

Parking and the 171 bus

So I just saw this news on Facebook. I'm not actually sure how true it is, but apparently one of Hyde Park's two alderman, Leslie Hairston, wants to get rid of the CTA stop at 57th and University.Why, you may ask? To put in four parking spots!For those of you who don't know (and are still reading), 57th and University is the main campus stop for the 171, which shuttles students from the Shoreland and East Hyde Park apartments to campus.Everyday hundreds of people wait for the bus at that stop and there isn't more of a central campus location to pick people up. If Hairston actually succeeds here, the bus route would probably have to be changed and students would end up having to trudge off campus to catch the bus.This is just insane. The utility people get from four parking spots can't outweigh the inconvenience to hundreds of students. I have no idea why Hairston is trying to do this, but it just seems insane.