March 7, 2008

How to talk to your kids about Leslie Hairston

Here at The Editors Blog, we are nothing if not reliable. Tuesday, I promised more to come from the Maroon on the "bus-gate" controversy. Well, here you go:

  • Supriya has a follow-up story revealing the real rationale behind Hairston's decision to remove the bus stop at 57th and University: retribution for a perceived slight by the U of C. Naturally, both sides dispute the details. Tough to pick one key quote—you can and should read it in its entirety here.
  • The editorial board takes a stand on the issue, siding with the only group affected by the change: U of C students. An excerpt:
    In the end, it’s unclear who exactly is at fault. Perhaps the University and the CTA should have done a better job communicating with the alderman. However, it’s unfair that the 550 people who use the stop daily are being punished because of a bureaucratic squabble. The University should take the high road and try to appease Hairston. If that means setting up town hall meetings to discuss the four parking spots, as the alderman has suggested, so be it. If it means apologizing for an eight-month-old miscommunication, fine.
  • As both articles mention, there will be a meeting this afternoon in Kent 107 at 4 p.m. Bill Michel will be there and Alderman Hairston has been extended an invitation as well, although there is no word or not as to whether she will actually show up.