April 11, 2008

Letter: No candidate can compare to Jesus

Nathan Bloom’s piece “He’s No Messiah” (4/8/08), presents an image of Jesus that is rarely recognized or acknowledged in society—Jesus the unpopular servant and sufferer.

Bloom eloquently writes, “He did not ride the tide like Obama, but crashed violently against the waves of mighty Rome and human degradation.” The Roman occupation fundamentally influenced Jesus’s life and ministry. Given that John McCain supports the continued occupation of Iraq, I cannot see how one could compare his message to Jesus’s. While I applaud Bloom for voicing an understanding of Jesus that is far too uncommon, I think that trying to determine which presidential candidate is the most similar to him is ultimately a distraction. No one will ever measure up, and the discussion can only serve to advance the political fortunes of one candidate over the other. To paraphrase Luke 12:30–31, it is the nations that strive for things like political power. We should strive for God’s kingdom by trying to walk the difficult, and oftentimes unpopular, path set forth in the Gospel.

Kevin Koll

Class of 2009