April 22, 2008

SG Guide: One Campus

[img id="80519" align="alignleft"] Claiming to have the greatest knowledge of the political workings of the University, both inside Student Government (SG) and out, One Campus has cast itself as the most experienced campaign with the clearest vision in incorporating graduate students into the political environment on campus.

Led by third-year and current VP for Student Affairs Matthew Kennedy, One Campus has stressed the individual accomplishments of its members over the past year. Joining Kennedy are first-year Julian Quintanilla, who is also running for reelection as College Council (CC) representative, and graduate student Toussaint Losier, who is president of the Graduate Council’s Funding Committee.

All three members have led successful initiatives this past year, including restoring Plan B contraceptives to the Student Care Center, organizing a student response to a proposed change in the #171 bus route, and rallying graduate students in response to the graduate-aid initiative.

Tapping into his prior experience running an executive campaign, Kennedy looked for motivated running mates in forming the One Campus slate.

“Julian’s passion for the nitty gritty was evident. He stood out as one of the strongest members [of College Council] this year,” Kennedy said. “And Toussaint really sees there being something missing with graduate life on campus and has a great vision of bringing graduate students together on important issues.”

Graduate life is one of the slate’s main talking points. Losier, who helped to organize several dozen graduate students last year to create a financial aid proposal for the administration, said that one of the reasons he decided to run with Kennedy was Kennedy’s earnestness in learning about graduate student concerns.

“Your Student Government [Kennedy’s current slate] came to our meetings, and while not extremely versed in the nuance of graduate student issues, really took the time to come to us and hear what we had to say,” Losier said.

According to Kennedy, this dedication to both undergraduate and graduate concerns sets One Campus apart from the competition.

“I respect [the YEP slate], but I feel like having a slate composed of just first-years is completely antithetical to our theme-—One Campus—that we’re bringing students from across a wide spectrum together,” he said. “And Anthony Green [presidential nominee for Connect Four] has done a reasonably good job with some of the issues surrounding graduate funding…but the Graduate Council hasn’t stepped up to where it could be and where it should be,” Kennedy said.

One Campus’s main advantage is not just experience, said Losier, but its variety of experience.

There is definitely experience here. This is an opportunity to have people with a lot of experience working with Student Government and people that have a lot of experience working outside Student Government trying to get Student Government to move in a direction that a lot of people want to see it go,” Losier said.