April 24, 2008

All in the name of science

There are downsides to writing a B.A.—almost too many to list, actually. Fourth-years waste thousands, maybe millions, of hours in the Reg in the name of “original research,” and even more time is spent in fear, cowering at the daunting specter of graduation. I suspect at this time next year I’ll have lost 45 pounds, most of my hair, and developed a fondness for Marlboros. It’s a lot to ask of someone.There are, however, some real benefits. The Maroon's Emerald Gao, toiling away on an epic about the films of John Hughes, noticed this shocking image from the 1985 classic (used generously) “Weird Science”:Harold’s Chicken Shack! And to think, in a non-B.A. world, this would have been lost forever. I’ve tried to find out where this Harold’s is located, but there are more than 80 establishments and Chicago has changed some over the last 20+ years. So far no luck.In the movie version, by the way, Anthony Michael Hall and his buddies went into the Kandy Bar, where hilarity ensued, but just imagine how much different things could have been if they’d instead chosen to celebrate their invention with a half-dark and mild sauce.