April 26, 2008

Story time with Mike Gravel

George got the Saturday Mike Gravel-blogging off and running with this quote, where Gravel earns special points for taking a shot at he-who-must-not-be-named. It reminded me of this excellent Politico article on how the Democrat-turned-Libertarian he is revolutionizing the production of utterly non-sensical campaign videos.Unrelatedly, it led to a youtube search for "Mike Gravel," which is always rewarding. I recommend this video, which poses an interesting question: How do you segue a television program from Barbara Streisand to Mike Gravel? (Answer: poorly).Note that he reveals early on that he was a former spy! And also, if you've never had the pleasure, watch the young Alaska Senator read the Pentagon Papers into the public record. This was like Robert Byrd singlehandedly fillibustering the Kansas-Nebraska act, except the exact opposite. If you put those tears (five minute mark) in a bottle, they would shine like the light of Elendil.