May 1, 2008

PC >> academic freedom at Yale

I don't know what art is, but at least I know this. This sort of self awareness seems to be lost on Yale College Dean Peter Salovey (a psychologist by training) who has thoroughly bungled the handling of a controversial senior art project that I discussed here.It just seems like Yale is more concerned with political correctness or not offending anyone than protecting any sort of conception of academic freedom. Interestingly we've seen no insurrection from the faculty on this. If something like this went down at the U of C there would be protests from students and faculty alike calling for the admin to respect academic freedom.The best part, though, has been the silence from conservatives. Every time an elite university silences the work of conservatives they scream out in agony about the importance of academic freedom. They also tend to throw in a reference to Allan Bloom. Where is the outrage this time around? This will undoubtedly be the topic of my next column.